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Terms & Conditions

Hire Agreement and Disclaimer for  Ace Bouncy Castles 

Any persons/organisation hiring our inflatables are responsible/liable for any damage or injuries occurring from or as a result of misuse or reckless use. Persons using the inflatable do so at their own risk.

These guidelines are for the safety of all persons using the inflatable, and it is the sole responsibility of the hirer to ensure they are adhered to. Our company cannot accept responsibility for any damage or injury to anyone using the equipment however caused. 

For your information, safety and enjoyment we recommend the following: 

1. Children's castles have an age limit of 12. Please ensure that no one over this age uses 
    the children's inflatable, especially adults. This is due to safety, manufacturing and insurance 

2. A responsible adult must supervise children at all times whilst on the inflatable.

3. Please do not allow anyone on the inflatable whilst inflating/deflating. 

4. Children are not allowed to climb, sit or hang on the inflatable walls. 

5. Do not allow children to bounce on the front safety step. The safety step is to assist users 
    to get on/off safely. 

6. Ensure the inflatable is not overcrowded. Limit the number of users to allow enough room 
    for each child to play safely. Try to avoid small and large children using the inflatable at the 
    same time. 

7. All shoes, badges and jewellery must be removed. We also recommend spectacles be removed. 

8. No food or drinks to be consumed whilst on the inflatable to avoid mess or possibility of choking. 

9. No face paints, party poppers, coloured streamers or silly string as these soil and stain the 
    inflatable for which you will be liable for payment to clean or repair. 

10. No smoking, fires or barbecues to be used near the inflatable. 

11. No pets to be allowed on the inflatable. 

12. It is advisable to ensure that no one with any history of back or neck problems use the inflatable. 

13. In the event of heavy rain it is strongly recommended that the inflatable is switched off for 
      safety reasons. When safe to re-use switch back on and towel dry any remaining wet patches 
      before allowing children back on. 

14. Water fights are fun but do not spray water near the electric blower. 

15. Occasionally check that the inflatable is still securely pegged down. 

16. Never switch the blower on and off whilst the inflatable is in use. 

17. If the inflatable fails for whatever reason, evacuate immediately to prevent injury. 

18. Please remember - if the castle is dirty or damaged when collected the hirer is liable for 
      the full repair or cleaning costs.

19. All electrical equipment MUST BE taken indoors during an overnight hire.

20. Any electrical cables that are passed through a doorway or open window MUST NOT be crushed

     (by closing door / window) as this will result in damage to the cable and also possibly cause injury to persons.

      Please unplug and remove cables before closing the door / window.


Very rarely we may require to substitute the assets booked with a similar product. This will only occur if the asset booked becomes unavailable due to damage / heavy soiling. We will aim to replace with an item of similar or higher value with no extra cost to the client.

We will call to advise and check if the client wishes to proceed with the hire if time allows. ( please note that this is a very rare occurrence).


Ace Bouncy Castles reserves the right to collect any assets early if the weather turns bad. This is due to health and safety concerns of the users and also to prevent any damage to the equipment.

We insist that any overnight hires mean that the client accepts full liability for any assets that are stolen / removed from the delivery address and as such will reimburse Ace Bouncy Castles for the full replacement value.